Australian Army Troops Spend Their Breaks Caring For Hungry Baby Koalas

Life for the members of Australia’s 9th Brigade hasn’t been easy lately. With a neighborhood larger than the island nation of Iceland ablaze , variety of regiments within the Australian Army are called to help . Others are lending a hand, and a bottle, out of a spirit of duty and compassion.

The 16 Regiment Emergency Support Force, for instance , are spending their rest periods helping animals at the Cleland Wildlife Park. While a number of the soldiers have proven helpful in building combing mounts inside the park, others are grabbing blankets and hoisting elbows, nursing the hungry baby koalas who live there.

“A great morale boost for our hard working team within the Adelaide Hills,” the 9th Brigade posted to Facebook.

Some troops from the 16 Regiment Emergency Support Force have built climbing mounts at Cleland Park.
Images of the troops with koalas nestled in their arms has drawn no shortage of attention.

“This should be a part of the training reservists and regular soldiers neutralize case of disasters,” commented Jeanette Rengel. “Include medical and other skills ie firefighting , enforcement . Make it a national initiative. just like the National Guard .”

“There you go another photo showing Aussies sticking together to assist anyway they will ,” wrote Arlene Davies. “Great work fellows and gals. the longer term are going to be ours. The animals will always remember this. The kindness of individuals .”

“Yes it's a gorgeous sight to ascertain two species entwined thanks guys, you rock 

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