Brazil Bus Station Provides Strays With Shelter From The Cold

Brazil has not always been known for kindness to stray animals, but employees at a bus terminal in the city of Curitiba prove that warm-hearted humans can always be found.

When a trio of friendly street dogs began hanging around the station, the staff opened their doors – and their hearts – to help protect them from the cold.
The three dogs were dubbed Max, Pitoco and Zoinho by their new friends who provide them with food, water, and comfy beds fashioned from old tires. Each dog also has its own comforter to bundle up with!

Local politician and dog lover, Fabiane Rosa learned of the heartwarming set-up and shared an extended post and a number of other photos to Facebook. Rosa praised the staff for his or her kindness and involved more citizens to imitate .

“Congratulations to the staff of this terminal, everyone understands that these angels are there and have the proper to be,” Rosa wrote partially . “So many companies in Curitiba could follow this instance , adopt a mascot. in fact it’s not ideal, but a minimum of there’s someone searching for them and for them [sic].”
The post went viral with more than 11,000 shares and 2,000 comments. Many Curitiba residents wrote that they had personally witnessed the kindness shown to Max, Pitoco and Zoinho
Another noted that the dogs receive “a lot of affection from drivers, collectors, and passengers.”
Rosa also took the chance to encourage Brazilian citizens to report animal abuse and neglect.

“Abandonment is cruel, cowardly, it’s a criminal offense . But we will change that sad reality together. Report!!! Don’t be afraid!!! you'll be the sole hope of those angels that suffer in silence.”

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