Dog Left Behind in Taal Patiently Waits for Its Master to Return Goes Viral !

Photo of a dog who was left behind in Taal Volcano island patiently waited for his master to return just like Hachiko the Japanese dog.

Amidst the phreatic Taal Volcano Eruption, many animals were left in unfortunate situations by their owners thanks to panic evacuation. As their owners evacuated to save lots of their lives many animals were left behind to defend themselves.

Recently, GMA News Facebook page shared a photograph of a dog patiently expecting its master to return. The dog might be seen waiting from the side of a river in Batangas, and therefore the master perhaps visited an evacuation center thanks to things .

The photo has gone viral with about 23,000 reactions and quite 2,500 shares as of posting. Many netizens commended the dog’s unconditional love while some asked residents to assist the dog return to its master.

Just like Hachiko the Akita dog in Japan who became popular and tagged because the world’s most loyal dog. After his master gave up the ghost Hachiko continuously visited the railway station where he always waited for his master after duty.
Dog Left BehindImage

 Source: Nerd Nomads

Hachiko waited and continues to go to the railway station for 10 years hoping that his master will come . Until his last breath the loyal dog hopes for his return.

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