Dumpling, The Blind Labrador Seeks Forever Home After Being Dumped

He was dumped at a pound on the Gold Coast in Australia, blind and overweight.                                           

Since being in care he had lost over 13 kg so would really like a replacement family to assist him stay his weight loss journey. Small frequent walks are perfect because he's already 10-year.

I accept cats and another dog, i'm good with them as long as they don’t get right in my face because it gives me a shock sometimes... all I do is bark at them. I won’t hurt anyone. i might ideally sort of a home with no stairs. I are often the sole pet or I can share the love and have fur siblings. i'm okay if I’m left alone whilst you leave but it might be nice to possess someone home often to stay me company in my senior years.
I’m extremely sweet, charming and good natured. I don’t need much in life just a pleasant warm range in which to enjoy my previous couple of years.

Dumpling are often adopted at a fee of $300 and people interested can contact Labrador Rescue – but you’ll got to be in Australia, and preferably sleep in a home with no stairs.

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