Puppy Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued And The True Story Behind His Viral Video – PAWS PLANET

Last week, a gorgeous puppy named Layla was found running through traffic on their lonesome and rescued by Beaumont Animal Care in Texas. At first, Layla was nervous and completely overwhelmed by the new environment. However, once she’d settled in and felt safe, she started being conversant in staffs at the shelter.

 A veterinary technician named Tech Rachel Barron approached her kennel and commenced lecture the small pup. Barron was surprised when the pup delighted everyone by offering a stunning grin. After seeing Layla’s joyful expression, Rachel Barron knew that she had to share this amazing thing with the planet . So, she pulled out her phone to urge the instant on video and posted it on social media.

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 With a shocking smile on her face, nobody can imagine how this puppy had been through difficulties before being saved. The smile on her sweet face appeared as if she wanted to thank her new friends at Beaumont Animal look after giving her a second chance. And now the small dog has melted hearts across the world together with her sweet expression.

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After seeing her adorable smiling face online, an ideal local family came in to adopt Layla. Unsurprisingly, little pup warmed up to the Nicole Toney and her husband quickly, and that they decided to bring her home. She was shy initially , but it wasn’t long, she started twiddling with her new dog siblings and cuddling up together with her parents.

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We’re glad to ascertain Layla in her forever home. Good luck Layla! We and dog lovers hope that smile never leaves your face!
Watch the video below!

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