Pit Bull Chained Up In Snow Cried For Help And A Police Officer Gave Her The Chance Of A Lifetime

Dog lovers do understand that it’s not the breed of the dog but how that dog is raised, handled and loved. For Pit Bulls, their reputation has cost them way too many lives to count. But for one police officer, he is trying to change that perception, one inaccurate assumption at a time.

Meet Officer Justin Bruzgul: Office Bruzgul rescued Kiah from a horrible life. He found her chained up within the snow, freezing, and begging for help. He saw in her what was obvious to him: unwavering loyalty, intelligence and a heart of gold. He knew she could help people and decided to require Kiah under his wing and train her to be a K9 officer.

Kiah passed the test with flying colours and she or he became the primary Pit Bull K9 officer in ny State. Kiah’s rescue and transformation proves one thing for certain… Pit Bulls are good dogs! actually , besides working hard on the work , Kiah and Officer Bruzgul make it their mission to teach others on the truth of the breed. Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are the #1 breeds in shelters. If more people are made conscious of their true potential and who these dogs really are, it can place thousands (upon thousands) of dogs in forever homes.

The K9 duo has also proved that Pit Bulls are qualified to serve. So, rather than spending, on the average , $20,000 for a working dog , police departments can address shelters where many qualified dogs sit and wait. Many dogs that are euthanized thanks to overcrowding can find a replacement purpose. Isn’t that something to smile about?

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