Retired Police Dog Abandoned at Animal Shelter by Police Guard Finds Home for Good

Everyone likes to believe that dogs who work with the police for unit K-9 are treated with kindness and dignity. Although this is often generally the case, Ringo, a puppy who is retiring after years of working within the K-9 unit, has not received this same treatment. His handler put him in an animal shelter rather than giving him the permanent home he had promised.

According to CBS 17 News, Ringo has worked hard throughout his career and has done an excellent service to the community. Unfortunately, his pension plan wasn't as secure as his service should have required. Jackson’s police published a piece of writing pertaining to the retirement of Ringo and his partner Alpha. Both were loyal workers and looked forward to a pampered life within the civilian world.

Retired working dog Abandoned at Animal Shelter by Police Guard Finds Home permanently 01
Carl Ellis, the Ringo handler, was alleged to provide this loyal dog with a forever happy range in which he could live his later years sort of a normal dog. However, the director of the forensic police later discovered that Ellis had decided to abandon the K-9 retiree at an area animal shelter. The highly trained dog was taken to a shelter in Madison, Mississippi.
Shortly after Ringo’s arrival, shelter staff informed the Ringo trainer. Randy Hare may be a trainer for the Alpha Canine Training Center and was liable for providing Ringo with the talents he utilized in the K-9 unit. Upon hearing of Ringo’s unfair treatment, Hare rushed to the rescue of the dog.

Hare was dismayed by the betrayal and immediately informed the authorities. Since the invention of Ellis’ decision, the officer has been assigned the role of patrol officer. during this regard, Sergeant Roderick Holmes told CBS 17 News that the K-9 dogs are like family and that they need to be during a loving home for retirement.

Despite this statement, Hare wasn't convinced that those responsible would do what's necessary to make sure that their dogs receive excellent treatment after their retirement. he's reconsidering the training of police dogs within the future, as he told the press. Hare admitted that he could only base his judgments on past actions by the Jackson Police Service.

Although he hoped that the new administration would improve things , he still built on his previous experience within the service. Management is implementing a special system which will allow K-9 retirees and their active counterparts to be followed more closely. Hopefully the new policy can guarantee that nothing like this may happen again.

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