Serbian Man Saves 1,100 Stray Dogs And Treats Them As His Own Children ?

In Serbia there are around 15,000 stray dogs, which may be a lot once you consider that the country has only 7 million inhabitants. this is often why a person decided to try to to something, as best he could, two stray dog shelters. the amount of dogs he saved every day was so high that it became difficult to supply them with quality care on an ongoing basis ; but because of his devotion and his love for animals, he was ready to perform his mission.
We would like to tell you the story of Sacha’s shelter, a humanitarian organization that has already saved more than 1,000 homeless dogs.
Sasha Pesic has rescued quite 1,100 street dogs within the Serbian city of Nis within the past 10 years.

The dogs he rescued lived in very poor conditions. Some were far too young to be alone, others were sick, others had injuries that would infect them.

Fortunately, almost 400 dogs have already been adopted and are now living happily with their new family.

However, approximately 750 dogs are still homeless and remain in one among Sasha’s two shelters.

Each day this man dedicates eight hours of his time to those animals; he knows them each by name and tries to stay them healthy and happy.

With the assistance he received, he was ready to build small dog kennels
Serbian Man Saves 1,100 Stray Dogs And Treats Them As His Own Children 04

Dogs with disabilities or other problems are of course welcome too.
Vaccination sessions were held

But this is not enough. Dogs still need better quality food, medicine, and infrastructure.

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