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This article is about the joke. For the tv program, see Shaggy Dog Story (TV).
In its original sense, a shaggy dog story or yarn is a particularly long-winded anecdote characterized by extensive narration of typically irrelevant incidents and terminated by an anticlimax.

Shaggy dog stories play upon the audience's preconceptions of joke-telling. The audience listens to the story with certain expectations, which are either simply not met or met in some entirely unexpected manner.[1] A lengthy shaggy dog story derives its humour from the very fact that the joke-teller held the eye of the listeners for an extended time (such jokes can pause minutes or more to tell) for no reason in the least , because the end resolution is actually meaningless.[2] the character of their delivery is reflected within the English idiom spin a yarn, by way of analogy with the assembly of yarn.

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