Stray Dog Crashed This Couple’s Wedding, And They Finally Decided To Adopt Him

The odds apparently weren’t in Marília and Matheus Pieroni’s favor during their wedding in Sao Paulo , Brazil.

A a rainstorm made them resort to celebrating the event under a tent when it had been alleged to be an outside wedding. But nothing can ruin the day two loving people plan to promise one another eternal love, so a big day was made even more special by the presence of an unexpected guest.
As reported by The Dodo, just when the bride was close to walk the aisle, a four-legged, furry wedding crasher, surprised everyone by taking up the bride’s turn. The dog was then successfully lured outside, but after a short time , when Marília and Matheus were reading their vows, the doggo popped in again, and even laid on the bride’s veil for a few snooze time.
Timing couldn’t be more perfect, and good for him, as an animal lover, the bride didn’t mind sharing her big day with the stunning pup. When the weather turned favorable, the uninvited guest went on his answer , but surely, this wasn’t their last meeting. The couple fell crazy with the dog that night and thought of taking him in because the new member of their family. It took the couple quite every week to seek out the dog again, but once they were reunited, Marília, Matheus and Snoop became an adorable family of three.
This is the happy couple Marília and Matheus Pieroni who fell crazy with the doggo who decided to crash their wedding in Sao Paulo , Brazil.

The couple dreamed of getting an outside wedding, however, a rainstorm occurred during the large day, therefore the ceremony had to commence under a tent.
It clothed someone also had to require shelter from the storm, and a dog decreased the aisle just in time for the bride’s march.
The unforeseen event surprised everyone. Luckily, the bride was still ready to walk her thanks to the altar after the dog was successfully lured outside.
The ceremony went on uninterrupted for a short time , until the dog decided to return back and steal a neighborhood of the show.
Right when the couple were saying their vows, the dog reappeared and decided to get down and snooze on the bride’s veil.
Since it had been still raining outside, they allowed the dog to remain the whole evening.
“It was a really pleasant surprise on behalf of me , because i really like animals, I liked it very much”, she told The Dodo.

The little visitor won the couple’s hearts that night, but once they decided to stay him permanently , he had already strolled outside.

After quite every week of searching, they finally crossed paths again, and therefore the couple finally kept him as their own.

“We decided to adopt him because he's a street dog,” Marília said. “It took us an extended time to seek out him again, but yesterday, we were contacted and told his whereabouts.”

And that’s how this dog, whom the couple named Snoop, made his way into the newlywed’s hearts.

It clothed Snoop didn’t only become a neighborhood of the couple’s day , but he also became a neighborhood of their forever family of three.

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