Vietnam Veteran’s Dying Wish Was To See His Beloved Yorkshire Terrier One Last Time

Vietnam war veteran’s last wish was to be reunited with his 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Patch.

John Vincent, 69, of New Mexico, got Patch when he was just a puppy and the two have been inseparable ever since. “He was the smallest, and I wanted one that could ride on my bike,” Vincent told the Albuquerque Journal. “The only hair I had was on my chin, which was called a patch. … And he had a little white patch, so we were the patch brothers.”

The two would wear matching googles once they rode on Vincent’s motorcycle and choose walks nightly . Sadly, Vincent’s health began to decline and last week he entered hospice care. He wasn't ready to bring Patch with him and with no family within the area, he had to surrender his dog to Albuquerque Animal Welfare.

Vincent told Amy Neal, a caseworker at the hospice center, that he wished to ascertain Patch again. She said, “I asked him if that’s something that might be meaningful for him, and it came together very quickly.”

Neal reached bent Danny Nevarez, director of Animal Welfare, and told them about Vincent’s request and therefore the shelter was happy to assist . They arranged for Patch to be delivered to Hospice Center at the Raymond G. Murphy VA center to ascertain his dad.

The little dog was quiet on the ride to the hospice center until they turned on the road that the middle was on. “It’s almost like he knew, he just started whimpering,” Nevarez said. “Like he had that anticipation.”

Patch was reunited together with his dad and Vincent said at he stroked his best pal, “Yeah, that’s me, that’s daddy. Are you so happy to ascertain me? I’m so happy to ascertain you.” Patch replied by kissing his dad on his face.

  The shelter assured Vincent that Patch would attend a loving home and is already spoken for. The shelter posted, “It was such a heart warming moment! They were so happy to ascertain one another and to mention their goodbyes. it had been an honor to form this veterans final wish come true.”

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