4 Dogs Block Traffic, Drivers Realize They are Guarding Friend Hit by Car

In many areas, there are numerous stray dogs that they're going to sometimes form packs. Since these dogs roam the streets together, also as hunt down food and shelter together, they will be very loyal to at least one another.

A YouTube video captured a tremendous example of such loyalty. The video below shows a dog laying within the middle of the road in Lanzhou, central China. The poor pooch was hit and killed by a car. However, the dog’s pack wouldn't leave their friend’s side.

His friends tried to nudge him copy and revive him but to no avail. Nevertheless, the dogs appeared to be keeping vigil over their friend’s body and wouldn't budge. These dogs literally stopped traffic and made many cars to travel around them.

According to Mirror, an eyewitness said the dogs didn’t seem to know that their friend had died. It seemed as if they fully expected him to urge up and begin walking again.

“YOU might not know it , BUT DOGS DO GRIEVE THE LOSS OF A COMPANION,” The Spruce States.

There are many dogs who can actually become severely depressed once they lose another dog, animal, or person on the brink of them.

They can experience physical symptoms like loss of appetite, lethargy, and illness. they will also undergo personality changes, like becoming more dominant and possessive.

However, it seems that dogs aren't the sole animals who share this tremendous sense of empathy and pain. Other animals also mourn the loss of these of their kind. Sarah Simmons posted a heartbreaking photo of a gaggle of ponies stand vigil by another pony’s body after it had been hit by a car.

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