A dog sees a cow taking a nap and decides to join him !

A dog sees a cow taking a nap and decides to hitch him
Some things in life are so delicious and pure that you simply can’t help but smile – and recently a person in India was ready to capture one among these moments for everybody to enjoy.

Sarthak Gambhir had just left his house for the day and was walking past an area snack stand when he spotted a cow curled next to her. Normally it wouldn’t be a wierd sight, as there are often cows and therefore the place where Gambhir lives, but this particular cow had a really unusual friend with it.

Curled up on the rear of the cow, taking a nap, was a dog, and as soon as Gambhir spotted the pair, he stopped in his tracks.

“It was the primary time I saw something like this,” Gambhir told Le Dodo.
The cow appeared to remember that a dog was sleeping on its back which didn’t bother him in the least . Gambhir tried to urge a touch closer to the pair to require photos and feared that he might accidentally scare them – but the dog slept so deeply and therefore the cow dared not move because she didn’t want to disturb her friend.

It is impossible to understand if these two are frequent friends or if it had been the primary time this had happened, but despite everything, Gambhir couldn't stop smiling at them.

Eventually, Gambhir had to maneuver on and continue his day, but he was reluctant to go away the adorable pair. He’s, of course, hoping the cow and dog make a habit of napping together in order that he’ll have an opportunity to witness the cuteness everywhere again. “SOURCE THE DODO ”

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