A dog walks down the aisle with the human who saved him from the door of death

When a puppy was found on the streets of Coventry within the UK, he was so emaciated that his rescuers weren't sure if he was.

The RSPCA took charge of the Greyhound / Saluki mixture in September 2015, the puppy weighing only 6.5 pounds.

“He seems like a walking skeleton,” RSPCA inspector Nicky Foster said during a Daily Mail article. “It is that the thinnest dog I even have seen within the 10 years that I even have been an inspector. you'll see every bone in its body. ”
Although the puppy was almost too weak to face , he did have enough strength to fight for his life.

Shortly after being rescued, the dog, named William, was taken in by Rachel Butler. For subsequent year and a half, she fed him and loved him until he regained his strength and weight. In fact, William weighed almost five times when he was found, having gained 24 pounds!
Almost a year and a half later and together with his health in restraint , William was entrusted with a really important job: he was the wearer of the ring during his human marriage with fiance Chris Mallett. Together, the dog-loving couple tied the knot with their two puppies.

“William’s presence at the ceremony made us so pleased with how far we've come,” said Butler during a Sunday People article.
As for the previous owners of the puppy? They were found and admitted to “causing unnecessary suffering,” consistent with Daily Mail.
“Rushton, 37, and Hales, 29, of Henley Green, Coventry, bought it on a whim after seeing it continue sale on the web but had no idea the way to affect it. a puppy, “reports the article.

The couple received a suspended prison sentence for 35 hours of unpaid work, and are never allowed to have animals again.
It is a miracle that William found his thanks to the proper home. together with his humans and his brother Harry, an 11-year-old West Highland Terrier, this magnificent puppy lives his absolute best life.

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