A little girl missing for 2 days returns home safe and sound: her pit bull protected her day and night

In many families, there are situations of social distress which will endanger the lives of the youngest members. Charlee, 2, was entrusted to her grandmother, who, however, still had some addiction problems. Taking advantage of a couple of moments of tranquility, she left the house, leaving the small girl alone.

Charlee, perhaps to seem for her grandmother, went out and during a jiffy disappeared from view, but someone, sensing the danger, decided to follow her.
Charlee was together with her grandmother when she disappeared: the neighbors saw her leave the house and take alittle path to the wood.

This woman’s house, in fact, is found on the outskirts of a city, surrounded by vegetation and really few houses.

Upon her return, the lady immediately alerted the police, reporting that her two-year-old granddaughter had disappeared and, with her, her pit bull. A patrol immediately arrived on the scene, but within the meantime, the population had already mobilized in search of the small one.

The surroundings might be very dangerous for a two-year-old girl: within the past, there had been accidents caused by the venomous snakes of the region and therefore the natural pools which open within the woods. Charlee had to be found as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, despite the hours spent trying to find the kid on a hot June day, no trace of the girl or the dog. Two days after his disappearance, many began to lose hope. there have been too many dangers among which such a young child had to survive.

The woman was right: shortly from there, a neighbor had seen a touch blonde girl wearing an equivalent clothes as Charlee when she disappeared. the small girl had a tired face, but on the entire , she was in fitness . the person brought her home, gave her a drink, and alerted the police. Charlee had returned.

Thanks to the reconstruction of the kid , the police and therefore the grandmother could see that the bitch had protected the kid during the 2 days of absence: it's probably because of her that the kid found the way of the return, and it can't be excluded that the dog has protected it from the damaging animals that inhabit this area.

The pit bull has always been protective of Charlee, but nobody would ever have imagined he would go this far: for Charlee, there'll only be a vague memory of the experience, but everyone will remember never of this tiny bitch who knew the way to bring the small girl safe and sound at home!

The grandmother had locked herself up to wish when, from the window, she saw her pitbull beginning of the thick vegetation. Charlee wasn't together with her , but something told her that the looks of Hell bull was certainly excellent news .

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