Abandoned Dog Waited For Her Family In The Snow – For Five Days

She wouldn't let anyone get near her. The poor dog waited even within the thick snow.
Dogs have an unwavering sense of loyalty and would endure anything for his or her family, even harsh weather . Unfortunately for a dog named Carla, she had waited for her family vainly .

Carla had been spotted sitting within the snow, expecting her family to return back for her. it had been obvious to Carla that she didn't realize that her family had abandoned her and would never come for her.

The residents in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania soon grew worried for Carla’s safety and contacted a rescuer named Janine Guido, who was the founding father of Speranza Animal Rescue.
Guido immediately skilled the decision and drove to Carla’s location to rescue her. Seeing that Carla simply sat within the snow expecting her family, broke her heart.

Guido soon posted an update on Speranza Animal Rescue’s Facebook page, stating that Carla has been waiting within the snow for a complete of 5 days!

Guido has been accompanying Carla for 3 days and tried to hand-feed her some food, which Carla accepted. But Carla scooted away when Guido tried to place a leash on her.
She also stated that there has been variety of individuals who tried to catch Carla and this unfortunately, scared Carla away for a couple of days. Guido urged that if they are doing see Carla, don't feed, chase or attempt to catch her.

After a couple of days, Guido received a call that Carla had been spotted on someone’s porch but got scared and ran away again.
Shortly after, Guido was informed that Carla had returned to an equivalent porch and immediately took action.

After trying for a couple of days, Carla was finally rescued and delivered to vet for a checkup . At the vet, Carla was possibly a sheltie mix and estimated to be around ten years old.

She was also underweight and diagnosed with a flea infestation, a minor frostbite on her paws and possible arthritis.

Carla was given food and had a pleasant bath before finally giving in to her exhaustion and slept soundly for an extended time.

Guido family to Carla for her to rest and recover. Once she is prepared , Carla are going to be put up for adoption.
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In the meantime, Carla is currently doing well in her family and even enjoyed a walk with the remainder of the foster dogs recently!

Here is video of Guido’s live Facebook stream of Carla’s successful rescue below:

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  1. Hopefully the people who abandoned her got crushed to death in a car crash.

  2. this is so sad that after the love I know she gave them ,leave her behind in the cold instead of giving her to anybody who could take care of her BASTERDS

  3. This is such a sad story, but I am happy to hear she is safe and with her foster home.


  5. I would be happy to take her, if someone can get her to Florida.