Blind dog who was shot 17 times gets new lease on life as a devoted therapy dog

This is the story of a fantastic dog named Maggie. Her will to survive is beyond inspiring, but what she decided to try to to after surviving the worst trauma imaginable is nothing in need of epic.

Maggie may be a mixed-breed dog who was born to the war-ravaged streets of Lebanon.
When she was just five-years-old, she was found during a horrific condition. The homeless dog had been left, abandoned to the streets and tied to a box, which wasn’t all. Her entire body was riddled with bullet wounds. one among her ears had been stop and 4 of the bullets had lodged themselves in her eyes, blinding her forever.

The Wild at bottom Foundation, a British-based rescue shelter, discovered the dog lying there helpless, scared, blind, and alone. They rescued Maggie and brought her back to the shelter to treat her wounds and help her heal.

When Kasey Carlin, one among the regular foster volunteers, had heard about the dog’s unbelievable story, she knew she wanted to be the primary in line to point out Maggie that she could still be loved. She took the dog in as a foster and shortly found herself enamored by Maggie’s awesome personality.
The sheer strength of will and perseverance that the dog showed inspired her foster human.
“She’s just a traditional dog. She gets around, she runs, she pops leash…And she’s brilliant. i do know she knows she’s blind, but she doesn’t act blind in the least ,” she told BBC, stunned by how briskly Maggie was learning to adapt.

After a touch under a month had passed with Maggie in her home, Carlin knew that there was just no way she would ever be ready to give the amazing dog up. Maggie had already wormed her way into her foster human’s heart and made herself a pleasant and comfy place there as her furbaby. So, she made it official and signed the papers to adopt Maggie into her forever home.

Carlin also happens to have and operate a full-on doggy daycare out of her backyard, and Maggie couldn’t are more thrilled at her new position of co-manager. She now could spend her days running round the back yard together with her ally and Husky fur-sister, Mishka.

It was obvious that the sweet dog was crazy with all of her newfound freedom during a place where she knew she was safe. Carlin wanted to encourage Maggie to grow in her independence the maximum amount as she could, so she taught her dog a couple of special commands. She taught her dog left from right, “stop”, “step up”, and “step down.”

Once Maggie learned these commands, Carlin was ready to let her go off-leash, allowing the dog to trust her hearing and sense of smell to navigate everything else in her surroundings.

As it clothed , while most dogs that have suffered such cruel abuse would never allow themselves to trust a person's again, Maggie is really specialized with people. Beyond good, she’s excellent!
Seeing what an impression her sweet, loving dog had on all the people she came into contact with, Carlin decided that she wasn’t meant to be the sole one to profit from all that's Maggie. So, she put Maggie through training to become a licensed therapy dog.

Even if a dog goes through training for the certification, it doesn’t mean it'll happen. They first need to prove themselves through a series of tests, all of which Maggie passed with flying colours .
Clearly, she was made for this!

“Since the primary time I met Maggie I knew she would make an excellent therapy dog if she wanted to be….Yesterday me and Maggie visited meet together with her assessor, @maherandhounddogtraining she flaunted her stuff and gave it her best go and she or he PASSED. Maggie is now a registered therapy dog with @underdog_international . She and that i will speak to colleges and work hands on with youngsters. i do know what happened to Maggie was horrendous but if her story can educate and encourage others to try to to good then a minimum of we will do our part to form this world a touch brighter,” Carline wrote.

We have to say; we couldn’t agree more. the planet is so blessed to possess a dog like Maggie in it to point out us the facility of healing that lies crazy , compassion, and forgiveness. If you'd wish to follow Maggie on her mission to assist others heal, you'll follow her on her Instagram @Maggie The Wunder Dog.

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