Chinese Man Spends $200,000 To Buy A Slaughterhouse & Saves 1000 Dogs

After the disappearance of his cherished pup three years ago, Chinese millionaire Wang Yan dedicated his life to saving dogs.

Chinese Man Spends $200,000 to buy for A shambles & Saves 1000 Dogs
29-year-old Wang, United Nations agency used to run a steel empire, designed associate animal rescue center in Changchun town, northeast China’s Jinlin province, wherever he has spent millions rescuing over two,000 stray dogs from the shambles, reports The People’s Daily online.

Wang attained his cash within the Chinese industry once it began to boom fourteen years agone since he has since spent most of his earnings on the center , dog food, and medical treatment to stress for the dogs.

Speaking to reporters Wang aforementioned it all started once his own dog went missing:

“I went trying everyplace, however all to no avail, Finally, somebody let ME enter the shambles to undertake my luck there.”

According to Sina News, Wang stayed round the shambles for each week however was unable to hunt out his lost dog

Instead, he found horrifying scenes of bloody slaughter that he was unable to shake from his mind. The unhappiness he felt for the dogs that were on the brink of being butchered for meat pushed him to buy for the shambles and discovered a rescue center instead.

Since gap the middle , Wang has spent an outsized chunk of his fortune, all the cash spent was his own and he solely accepts donations of food and alternative provides
There area unit presently simply over 100 fifty dogs living at the middle , at one purpose he had quite 5000 living there however these have currently been adopted to crazy families.

China is ill-famed for butchery dogs for meat and strays area unit usually the first target as they’ll become a drag in smaller cities.

As several as ten,000 dogs – along side purloined dogs – area unit slaughtered once a year for the market deep within the for the foremost part rural and poor Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, to mark the solstice throughout the Yulin Dog Meat competition.
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