“Dog Breaks” Out Of Kennel To Comfort Crying Foster Puppies !

You can never take the mother out of a dog as this heartwarming story demonstrates. When a pair of rescue puppies named Kari and Hannah arrived from a rescue to temporarily occupy Barker’s Pet Motel and Grooming, the staff fell crazy with them then did one among their temporary guests.
Maggie, an Australian Shepherd Cross, was filmed by surveillance cameras beginning of her kennel and visiting the puppies to comfort them.

“We see tons of adorable things here in Barkers but this story takes the cake …” Barker’s Pet Motel of Alberta, Canada writes on Facebook.

Maggie must have heard the pups crying because she let herself out of her kennel and lay down next to them.

Kari and Hannah belong to the Alberta Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) and are cared for at Barker’s, who often house dogs once they are saved once they don't have enough foster homes. during this case, both puppies were comforted by another rescue dog!
Maggie was recently adopted by the Edmonton Humane Society and had her own puppies that had been weaned and kidnapped about fortnight ago. She was boarding Barker for a couple of days while her new parents were away.
Sandy Alred, the owner of Barker’s, told CBC News that the puppies and Maggie were settled for the evening. While she dined at the restaurant, she used her phone to see the kennel’s surveillance cameras, and it had been then that she noticed that Maggie was pacing the surface of the puppy enclosure. She was pawing and licking the puppies through the door.
Sandy returned to the kennel and was greeted by Maggie, who brought her back on to the puppies. Sandy decided to place the longer term mom with the puppies and “all three were so happy”.

Sandy watched Maggie touch her nose and luxury the puppies. The trio curled

up for the night. The foster mother spent that special night with the puppies and therefore the next day her parents visited pick her up. “They think they need a reasonably special dog on their hands,” Sandy said of Maggie’s parents once they learned what she had done.
The puppies are being loved by the staff and are taken home for the evenings, in order that they have a family environment in the dark . Both are available for adoption via AARCS.

Look at the photographs of Maggie searching the kennel until she finds the puppies crying within the video below. Please share this heartwarming story together with your friends and family!

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