Dog Leads Rescuers To A Box Of Abandoned Kittens, Then Becomes The Best Foster Dad

Sadly, many strays roam the streets of Greece, never knowing what it’s wish to have a home or a family to like them. there's also an abundance of abandoned litters of kittens. SCARS, a rescue organization, comes across all of them the time. They’ve rescued quite 25 kittens within one month.

One of the SCARS volunteers features a rescue dog named Aragon. they might take Aragon for walks near the mountains, where many pets – kittens, puppies, bunnies, birds – were abandoned in cardboard boxes. Sadly, hungry foxes usually need to them before rescuers did.

One day, once they were walking Aragon, he began pulling rescuers toward a box. This time, there have been kittens still in it! Aragon was hailed a hero. They need to the kittens just in time, because in time , they would’ve been eaten by a fox or another animal, a bit like many of the opposite abandoned pets were.
They took the kittens in and that they were examined and given a clean bill of health. They got round-the-clock care from staff, but the kittens had a really special furry caretaker – Aragon! Aragon became their foster dad, and was so good at it!

 He snuggled up with them and guarded them to form them feel safe and loved. It’s amazing to ascertain dogs and cats getting along so great. Love definitely knows no species!
The kittens are now sufficiently old and prepared for his or her forever homes.

 If you’re curious about adopting one among these adorable kittens, please email SCARS at:

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