Dog Left Behind After 299 Other Dogs Find Families At Adoption Event Gets Forever Home

A Pit Bull was virtually the last dog standing at an adoption event that saw 299 other dogs find forever families, but nobody stopped to seem at him. That nobody was curious about the “sweet and delicate giant” left his rescuers confused and saddened.

King Zeus has been an extended time resident at the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana (HSHC). When he arrived in April, it had been clear the homeless dog had endured tons on the streets – he had scars everywhere his face.

But despite his rough and rugged appearance the 9-year-old Weimaraner/Pit bull mix quickly “captured our hearts” the HSHC wrote. “His soulful eyes and love for pets and cuddles made him a staff favorite. Zeus loves humans of all ages – kiddos included!”

But maybe it had been because he was laying down quietly in his crate that he was overlooked at the adoption fair. “He lays so quietly in his kennel watching people travel by him,” HSHC wrote. “He never barks to urge attention. It’s as if he has given up hope of finding a forever home.”
Maybe he was losing hope because he had been adopted before, but they weren’t good fits as that they had other dogs within the home.

“Living with other dogs is simply too difficult for King Zeus,” HSHC explained on his adoption page. “However, we all know that he did well with the youngsters he lived with which he loves humans quite anything.”
So King Zeus returned to the shelter to patiently await someone to acknowledge how special he's .

And thankfully, someone finally did. Austin Smith saw Zeus shortly after the adoption event and took him home.
Today, after months of waiting, King Zeus found his forever home! many thanks to everyone for sharing this post and sending him your thoughts and needs ,” HSHC happily wrote on Facebook.

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  1. I would love this I have had dogs all my life even pit bull but she died at 17 but I live in England or I would give him a forever home