Dog Returned 4 Times Finally Adopted By Someone Who Totally Gets Him

After being adopted and returned four different times, it seemed as if Bandit would be at the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program in Georgia for the remainder of his life. The wheelchair-bound dog is so sweet and friendly, but his special needs require tons of care and have scared off many potential adopters over the years. Though everyone within the program has always adored him, they also desperately wanted him to understand how it feels to possess a loving family and a forever home.

It seemed the proper family would never come along — until finally, a few saw a Facebook post about Bandit, and knew they might give him the love and care he needed.
As soon as Darrell and Sue Rider learned about Bandit, they were hooked. They weren’t frightened of Bandit’s special needs in the least — because Darrell happens to be during a wheelchair, too.

“The most intriguing a part of Bandit is that he and that i share an equivalent sort of paralysis and use a wheelchair to urge around,” Darrell Rider, Bandit’s new dad, told The Dodo. “Because Sue and that i know what it’s like for all times during a wheelchair, we knew what was needed for Bandit. We also felt a way deeper connection.”

The couple carefully considered what it might mean to feature Bandit to their family, and reached bent the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program to debate with them everything they needed to understand about Bandit’s care. The talks lasted a whole month before everyone decided that this was absolutely the proper fit, and therefore the couple made arrangements to finally go and meet Bandit for the primary time.

“Darrell stated that Bandit was ‘just like him’ and that they wanted to supply him with a life where he would be understood and well cared for,” Lori Cronin, a volunteer with the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program, told The Dodo.
After meeting Bandit, there was not any doubt in anyone’s mind. Darrell and Sue Rider were meant to be Bandit’s parents, and after lecture his handlers and his veterinarian and ensuring their house was ready for him, it had been finally time to require him home. Saying goodbye to Bandit was bittersweet for everybody within the program. He’d been there for therefore long and was so loved, but while his handlers and every one the volunteers would miss him, they were also so thrilled that he was finally getting the happy ending he deserved.

“He meant such a lot to all or any folks at the prison that it's now very strange to steer into the unit he was in and not see him running up to you for a treat,” Cronin said. “His raspy bark is missed which ‘smile’ he always appeared to wear that furry face of his. His handler has since received another dog to figure with, but he and therefore the remainder of the handlers within the unit miss him. We are all adjusting to his absence and are thrilled that Bandit features a home of his very own.”

Since arriving at his new home, Bandit has settled in so well and it’s already as if he’s been there for years. He’s already been on numerous adventures together with his new family and loves them as if he’s known them forever. it had been an extended wait, but Bandit is finally exactly where he belongs — side by side with someone who gets it.

“Bandit is doing great, and has settled in better than we could have imagined together with his new family and surroundings,” Rider said. “We as his family couldn’t be happier to possess Bandit in our lives.”

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