dog with a “shady” face is adopted and finally has a happy life

A dog with a “shady” face is adopted and eventually features a happy life

While Brodie, a German shepherd/border colleague, was only 13 days old, he was attacked by his mother, leading to severe facial and cranial deformities and partial blindnes

As he grew up, his deformities became more obvious and he had a really ‘wobbly’ face.

Brodie was eventually adopted by the shelter, but he returned five months later to be “too hyperactive”.

At a year old, Brodie has finally found his place. As soon as Amanda Richter and her boyfriend, Brad Ames, laid eyes on Brodie, they knew that they had to adopt her.

Brodie features a lready moved into his new home and even has a new sister, Rosie, with whom he likes to play.

Brodie may look different, but he’s like all other dog. He likes to steer around, cuddle humans and play together with his toys. He quickly learns what it’s wish to be loved and spoiled.

Brodie’s parents hope to at least one day train him as a therapy dog so he can help people with disabilities.


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