Firefighter Dan Estrada may be a dog lover, so when he found a dog in distress, he didn't hesitate to return to the rescue of the dog. He and his friend Vincent Lopez were walking within the woods behind his range in San Lorenzo Valley, California, with their dogs, once they found a dog that appeared to be moving. When she heard the lads approach, she was ready to lift her head. “It was really a miracle,” said Estrada TODAY.

The dog was a 12-year-old blind Labrador named Sage, missing for quite every week . the world was covered with signs and its owners even used knowledgeable dog tracker. “Our neighbors and other community members helped us search day and night for every week ,” said Sage owner Beth Cole at Mercury News. “We searched everywhere.” The family feared for its well-being, especially as mountain lions roamed the world . Fortunately, that they had not touched her, but hunger and exhaustion had.

Estrada approached the dog and gave him a kiss. He knows Sage alright , often twiddling with his two rescue dogs, a pit bull named Koelsch and a dachshund named Barnabus. She was very weak after being alone within the woods for therefore long, so he took her on his shoulders and carried the dog on Capitol Hill . Estrada’s wife then contacted the owners of Sage, who immediately took her to the vet. After a touch rest, Sage became herself again.

The whole neighborhood was happy to listen to about his safe return. A neighbor has cooked him a steak, while a welcome party are going to be organized at an area bar where funds are going to be raised for the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter.

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