Florida Brewery Puts Adoptable Dogs on Beer Cans, Finds Two Pups Forever Homes

A Bradenton, Florida brewery is hoping to urge a few of their four-legged friends adopted while serving up some brew.

Motorworks Brewing has partnered with Shelter Manatee, an area Florida pet adoption group and a part of Manatee County Animal Services, to release a four pack of Kölsch beer featuring the faces of 4 dogs in need of adoption. So far, two of the four dogs featured have found their forever homes.

According to the brewery's official website, all proceeds raised by the sale of the four packs will attend help Shelter Manatee build a replacement enclosure.

The cans were partially inspired by the brewery's regular "Yappy Hour," held at their own outdoor tavern on every third Sunday. At Yappy Hour, leashed dogs may enjoy gourmet treats and mingle with other dogs while their owners tipple and socialize. All proceeds attend various animal charities via Motorworks Brewing's partnership with the Animal Network.

"This month's [partnership] happened to be with Shelter Manatee. and that we were all three folks talking and just quite said 'Hey, how can we raise awareness and therefore the most funds for the shelter that's trying to create their new space?'" Barry Elwonger, Director of Sales and Marketing for Motorworks Brewing, told WFLA.

"Came up with the concept, went and shot some assets of the dogs and our in-house printmaker put together some cans and that we really turned the project around pretty quickly," he added.

"There's hundreds more dogs that are trying to find homes we wanted to showcase. The shelter has some really wonderful dogs and [we encourage people to] go and check it out and appearance into a rescue," Elwonger told WTVT.
Approximately 150 of the available four packs are sold so far , nearly half the brewery's stock, and they are available as four packs or in cases of 24 until it's completely sold out. Of the four featured dogs, "Candy" and "Day Day" are still open for adoption, as are many other dogs at Shelter Manatee.

Candy, a german shepherd/mastiff mix who has been with the shelter since June, is described as "smart and filled with energy" by shelter workers speaking with WFTS.

"She loves nothing quite playing in one among our yards with a ball. A shelter environment, where she's during a kennel for many of the day, isn't good for a dog like that," said Hans Wohlgefahrt, Manatee County Animal Service's outreach and event specialist.

"She's so friendly, she's sort of a tank, but with a heart of gold," Wohlgefahrt said of two-year-old Day Day to WTVT.

"In any given month, we will rise up to 400 pets here. We are always trying to find other strategies of getting exposure."

"We are overjoyed that the story has continued to grow. At now , over half the cans are sold and that we expect that the primary batch will sell call at subsequent few days. We are already discussing producing a follow up batch," said Barry Elwonger during a statement to Newsweek when reached for comment.
Motorworks Brewing is not the only brewery that's reached bent help canines in recent months.

A North Dakota brewery, Fargo Brewing Company, partnered with their local rescue, 4 Love of Dogs, to make a series of cans featuring pit bulls, and other hard-to-place dogs they called "one-der dogs." The November campaign, featuring six dogs and involving 40 cases of lager, thus far has resulted in one adoption.

Elsewhere in 2019, a replacement Jersey pizzeria, Angelo's Pizza in Matawan, posted a turn their Facebook page asking people to submit pictures of their missing pets, which were then distributed with fliers attached to each pizza they delivered. The post went viral, spreading as far as Australia.

Angelo's has helped reunite a minimum of one dog with its owner so far , and therefore the effort has spread to 2 other local businesses, the small Cupcake Bakeshop and La Forchetta Ristorante Pizzeria, a franchise owned by sisters of Angelo's owner, John Sanfratello.

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