He Decided She Didn’t Deserve To Eat, They Fought To Prove She Deserved The World

We say this point and time again yet there are still dog owners out there that don’t get it: DOGS ARE FAMILY. They believe us even as our youngsters do. So why not look after them? It’s simple. You bring a dog into your life, you give them what they have , and what they need .

We realize there are some i really like My Dog followers who don’t want to ascertain stories like this one. But we must do our part to boost awareness. We must spread the word about the survivors to point out the planet that simply because a dog goes through tragedy doesn't mean they're forever broken. many of us assume shelter dogs and dogs that survive abuse aren't adoptable. Well, that just isn’t true!

This is Angel’s story. Angel was purposely starved and on the brink of death. She was rescued within the nick of your time . Her organs had begun to pack up . As you'll see from her face, she is in pain, weak and afraid. Every bone on her body painfully showed.

Angel’s body wasn’t just shutting down but so was she. Being unloved and mistreated for this long had really broken her down. But that was all close to change– now that she was within the care of loving people.

For a short time , it had been touch and go. At this stage of starvation, survival is uncertain. But she had really smart people in her corner that knew just what to try to to . They fed her small amounts of food throughout the day. She was also given IV nutrition, antibiotics, and medicine for pain.

Each day, Angel improved. As Rescue From The Hart says in their video, “We lent her our strength, until at some point she found her own,” is so profound. But as you'll see, they were spot on! Angel took their lead. They saw positivity in their eyes and believed them once they told her that she is now loved and can be okay. And then… she stood up all on her own! does one skills incredible that is?!
With a gentle diet and continued medical aid , Angel gained weight. Her body was not weak. She looked so healthy and was starting to understand what it meant to be a dog.

She made friends at her family then Angel received the simplest news possible– Angel found a forever home!
While we do understand the will to stay blissfully unaware of animal abuse is usually easier, it’s not the solution . once you love animals to the core, fighting for his or her well-being is actually the epitome of compassion. Getting stories out there, like Angel’s, is how rescue groups survive. They operate donations from animal lovers like us. It’s not almost giving money. It’s also about sharing stories like Angel’s so people can see exactly what happens when rescuers do their job once they have the resources they have .

We ask that you simply still share stories of survival, like Angel’s, so rescue groups can still thrive. And animals like Angel get forever homes.
Right at this moment, there are thousands of dogs a bit like Angel languishing in shelters expecting their happily ever after. Many are going to be euthanized while potential adopters leave and buy dogs from breeders. Spread the word so these dogs can find homes. They deserve it!

Click play on the video below to ascertain Angel’s amazing story!

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