Hero Dog Dies Saving Owner From Blaze That Destroyed Home

A Connecticut man credits his 5-year-old Brazilian mastiff, Bubba, for saving him from a house fire Thursday. Tragically, the hearth claimed Bubba's life.

Samuel Shepley had been sleeping upstairs during a loft at his East Haddam family home when Bubba began barking at roughly 4 a.m. Thick smoke had already filled the loft when Shepley awakened; flames, which had started on the lower floor of the house, had begun engulfing the building.

"It was just completely engulfed in smoke. i could not see anything. i could not breathe," Shepley told WVIT. "I tried to bring my dog with me and obtain out as fast as I could, but i could not get the dog call at time, and therefore the entire house just went up in flames in, like, seconds."

Shepley managed to flee the building, and though he did all he could to save lots of lots of Bubba—including climbing up a ladder and kicking out an upstairs window to save him from the fire—the dog perished within the blaze.

Shepley, who adopted Bubba when the dog was only 18 months old, called Bubba his ally . He said the dog slept with him nightly .

"It's the toughest thing on behalf of me . i do not care about the house or anything. I just want my dog back," he said.

Shepley and his mother were treated for smoke-related injuries. Shepley was flown from Middlesex Hospital to the Bridgeport center , before being released on Friday. Their home and possessions were destroyed within the fire.

"If it wasn't for him i would not be here immediately ," Shepley told WVIT. "I truly believe he was brought here into my life for a purpose and he did his last job."
Bubba wasn't the sole heroic dog to recently lose their life.

Samantha—nicknamed Sam—a Cincinnati search and rescue dog whose specialty was finding lost pets, gave up the ghost on January 20.

Sam, a blue tick hound mix, was found wandering the streets and adopted in 2003, and eventually became a member of the Pet Search And Rescue team. Her specialty was finding other lost pets, and through her time within the field, Sam participated in over 500 searches and located variety of lost animals.

Most famously, she found a 7-year-old deaf boxer named Samson who had been missing for nine days. Searching rural Ohio together with her handlers, she managed to select up Samson's scent, leading to his return to his family.

Her handler and owner, pet detective Jim Berns, said of Sam to WWJ-TV, "She was one during a million."

Another hero dog, this point in Georgia, recently led rescuers to her ten puppies—and a number of other pets which were being kept on the property of her owner, who now faces six counts of felony animal cruelty.
Clover, a rottweiler mix, was found wandering a road in Spaulding County. Reluctant to be captured, she led authorities back to her home—and her puppies, also as several other malnourished, caged and injured animals. While rescue came too late for a few of the animals, many are recuperating at the Royal Animal Refuge in Fayette County, which is seeking donations and foster homes to aide their care.

"Not only was she trying to urge us to her puppies but it had been almost like she was searching for everyone else there," said Mariel Weigand, Director of Royal Animal Refuge, to WAGA-TV. "She's a really special girl".

Six deceased animals were found on the property—a dog, two ducks, two rabbits and a chicken—but four more dogs apart from Clover and her puppies were rescued, one among whom had to possess a leg amputated. The animals' owner, 27-year-old Ashley Gresham, has been charged.

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