Homeless Dog Was Found Keeping 5 Kittens Warm By Roadside On Frigid Night

a homeless dog that was cuddling five abandoned kittens so as to stay them warm within the freezing temperatures.

On a frigid night in Ontario, Canada, a passing person saw a homeless dog, when he approached him to supply help he noticed that the dog wasn’t alone but was protecting five abandoned kittens from the cold temperatures, he picked up the dog and therefore the kittens and took them to the Pet and Wildlife Rescue shelter.

“It’s truly heartwarming!” a shelter spokesperson told The Dodo. “It had been a really cold night so these kittens would have had a really hard time surviving.”

Since the Shelter posted about the dog and therefore the kittens story on social media, many of us wanted to adopt the pup and kittens as a gaggle package, the kittens are within the care of a family until they’re sufficiently old to travel up for adoption and therefore the dog, now named Serenity, is estimated to be about two years old. are going to be up for adoption.

The kittens wouldn't have survived the acute biting temperatures If the dog had not kept them warm.

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