Little Dog Can’t Stop Thanking The Woman Who Saved Her

“She knew she was finally safe.”
Like most dogs, Penny was thrilled to go away the shelter — and she or he made sure her rescuer knew how grateful she was.
On Monday, Lia Domingo was to travel to the Augusta Animal Services shelter in Georgia to rescue a pit bull named Peety, on behalf of the Pixel Fund, a rescue group for dogs. But at the eleventh hour , Deborah Kirkland, executive of the Pixel Fund in Georgia, asked Domingo if she also wanted to save lots of a one-year-old corgi mix called Penny.

“She [Kirkland] heard that there was a dog named Penny with a wounded eye, and none of the local rescues had any interest in helping him,” Domingo said.

Domingo immediately agreed and as soon as she received the shelter, she visited meet Penny.

“When I saw her, it broke my heart because she was very scared and not very receptive,” Domingo said. “She was very nervous. She didn't even want to seem at me the primary day. She just shook.

Domingo loaded the 2 dogs in her car and took an hour and a half to urge to Sparta, Georgia, where she had to satisfy Dedee Nystrom, another volunteer who would take over. But the shelter called Domingo and asked him to return back – the family of Peety had actually called to urge his dog back, so he needed to be fired.

When Domingo came touch with Kirkland, Kirkland suggested sending Peety and Penny back to the shelter only for the night. Thus, Domingo could attend Sparta once subsequent day, rather than making two separate readers if Peety’s family didn't show up.
Domingo hated leaving Penny there, but she made him a promise.
“I gave him a kiss and whispered in his ears,” don't worry, Penny. you recognize we'll come . we'll not allow you to down. I promise, “said Domingo.

Petty’s family came trying to find her, but Penny was still alone. Domingo went back to select her up subsequent day. When Domingo approached his kennel, the small dog couldn't contain his enthusiasm.
“She was a completely different dog,” Domingo said. “She just wanted to hug me. She even wagged her tail. and that i thought, “Oh, yes, it’s me, you remember me.”

Once in Domingo’s car, Penny threw herself into Domingo’s arms as if trying to require her in his arms.

“She put her arms around me and wouldn't let me go … she knew she was finally safe,” Domingo said.
“I cried,” added Domingo. “When a dog trusts you such a lot , it just fills your heart.”

Penny didn't want to prevent being cuddled all the thanks to Sparta by car.
“I had to drive with one hand because she was moaning, as she said,” Pamper me, pamper me, “said Domingo.
Once they reached Sparta, Domingo transferred Penny to Nystrom, who took her on to the vet. additionally to his wounded eye, the tiny dog also had heartworm disease.

But otherwise, Penny is doing alright and she or he are going to be ready for adoption as soon as she gets stronger and healthier, Kirkland told Dodo. She also features a new name – Chloe Olivia.
“She had her freedom ride and it had been just beautiful,” Domingo said.

“Even though we didn't manage to save lots of Hell bull, he was placed on our way so we could know Chloe Olivia – aka Penny – and save this tiny girl who deserves even as much a replacement family and new life,” said Kirkland. “In rescue, we always say,” It’s all going for a reason. ”

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