[Meet] Gus: The Two-Legged Dog That Loves to Run Outside!

When Melody Rezzonico first met Gus, she knew it had been meant to be. She saw his adorable smile and instantly fell crazy . Gus only has two back legs, so Rezzonico didn’t know much about his medical needs initially , but she knew he was worth fighting for, regardless of what.
When she saw her picture for the primary time, she explained what proportion he seemed like a touch baby kangaroo. Then she sent a photograph to her mother, telling her with joy that she wanted Gus to be his next dog.

A house for Gus
Gus was only 4 months old when he was abandoned in South Dakota . Fortunately, Rezzonico met him at the local shelter shortly thereafter and he immediately knew he had a replacement home.

Rezzonico has two other dogs, one among which may be a sheepdog, but she immediately learned that Gus was the foremost active of the three dogs. He didn't let his missing legs hold him back. Rezzonico knew she needed to seek out a custom wheelchair to assist her run and explore, a bit like her siblings.
Gus loved his new wheelchair! It worked alright on the roads and rocky roads, but there have been still places where the wheels didn't help much. He often rocked together with his wheels within the snow or when he came out of the trail. Rezzonico knew she could do more to assist him.

Rezzonico drove Gus from Wyoming to Virginia to go to OrthoPets, an animal prosthetics store. Upon their arrival, they managed to urge Gus ready for a customized body prosthesis. She managed to urge him a snowboard prosthesis that allowed him to maneuver easily within the snow.
The adventures of Gus

Now, Gus features a sort of prosthetics to assist him travel on all kinds of terrain. He went swimming, hiking and kayaking. additionally , he traveled to several places and crossed sand dunes and even climbed mountains over 14,000 feet! He doesn't let his missing legs hold him back*
simply because he’s a touch different doesn’t mean he’s not worth fighting for,” said Rezzonico.

Gus may need had a tough life as a young puppy, but because of his new family, he was ready to receive the love and care he deserved. Rezzonico never gave abreast of him, so he was ready to be the cheerful, energetic dog that he always wanted to be.

All dogs deserve this level of affection and affection regardless of what they’ve skilled . Gus’ rescue story is an idea and hopefully, more people will open their hearts to a rescue dog due to it.

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