Meet Mork, A Puppy That Was Saved From A Slaughterhouse And Looks Like Baby Yoda

Most people love cute animals. It’s an unwritten internet law that nobody ever questions - especially when presented with the cutest cat memes and puppy pics!

Many people also are big fans of the Star Wars franchise. Even those that haven't seen the films are conscious of one meme that took internet by storm just last year. Baby Yoda, yep!

What if we told you that we found someone who can tick both boxes? Combine a cute puppy and Star Wars...and you get Mork! Here's a doggy that folks can’t help but compare to Baby Yoda. and that we can definitely see the resemblance. Mork is so popular, he already has 118K followers on Instagram, but his story is even more amazing!

Mork was rescued from the meat trade China by a corporation called Harbin SHS . He was so weak he had to be hospitalized immediately, and nearly died. Thankfully, he pulled through. and when he was healthy enough, Mork was delivered to the USA by Road Dogs & Rescue - .and adopted by the founder - Nikki Carvey.

Bored Panda reached bent Carvey for more information. 'Mork may be a survivor," she said. "He was rescued, along side a bunch of other dogs, from a meat truck in China, by Harbin SHS. Sadly, some people still think it's cool to eat dogs there, and lots of unwanted dogs are sold to the meat trade,'.

Carvey praised the ladies who run Harbin SHS and therefore the thousands of lives they save. They specialise in getting the dogs healthy, then partner with various rescues to urge them homes within the US. Road Dogs is one among those rescues. 'So far we've found loving homes for over 50 dogs. Including Mork! As soon as I his photo, I knew that he was meant to return to me.'

Still, it has been an extended and arduous process for Mork since he was first rescued in October last year. He suffers from Irritable Bowel Disorder (IBD) and was very underweight when he arrived from China - weighing only 12.4 lbs. He also features a bunch of congenital issues due to bad breeding - eg heart, breathing, jaw malformation. But Carvey is optimistic. 'The excellent news is that he has now gained 5lbs and that we are working with various specialists to urge him to be the simplest Mork he are often .' His goal weight is about 20lbs, and to assist him get there, she is trying out various home cooked diets and supplements.

We also asked about Mork's life now and his personality. 'He is nice and friendly but still learning about love. His favourite thing is to only sit within the sunshine.' consistent with Carvey, the public's reaction to Mork has been incredible. "The whole Baby Yoda comparison is fun, and he brings tons of joy. I feel his story touches people’s hearts and we’ve had some beautiful messages from individuals who are struggling, who say that he makes them smile and inspires them,"

Carvey also offered some insight on the message they're trying to spread: "The world are often a dark place sometimes, so if this tiny dog can shine some light, that’s an exquisite thing! Mork also can help raise awareness about the meat trade and adoption. the foremost amazing dogs are often found in shelters and rescues. ".

Some have urged Carvey to run a DNA test to seek out out what breed Mork is. However, she refuses. Her concern is that folks might attempt to breed a dog just to undertake and appearance like him, with no reference to all the health issues that accompany it.

So, what's next for Mork? Well, first he must get fully healthy. then , Carvey wants to coach him as a therapy dog to go to nursing homes and hospitals, where she hopes he can bring joy and help people heal. She smiled last . ''His mission is to share love and wonder!"

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