Meet Salvador Dolly, The Shelter Puppy Born With The Most Glorious Handlebar Mustache

A few weeks ago, Hearts & Bones Rescue organization brought a stray Shepherd mix to Dallas Animal Services. The stray recently gave birth to 11 adorable puppies, and with only one look everyone knew there was something special about one among them, who had prominent black markings on her face that looked a bit like a handlebar mustache.

Because of that, the puppy was given the name Salvador Dolly, from the Spanish Painter Salvador Dali who was famous not just for his art except for his iconic mustache also .

With many strays coming in to the shelter, the workers had to seem for a home for them as soon as possible, and fortunately a family was kind enough to let the family stay for a short time just until they find a fur-ever home. Salvador Dolly, her mom and her siblings are going to be up for adoption by the top of August, and while they occupy the family , the puppies are being closely monitored as they're still nursing. Their mother is being taken care of and fed to form sure she will have enough strength to require care of all of them.

It’s still a couple of weeks before the family are going to be delivered to ny for adoption, but Salvador Dolly has been getting many inquiries and other people are applying to adopt her.

The volunteers taking care of the puppies are overwhelmed and happy for Salvador Dolly, but they're also hoping that her mom and 10 other siblings get an equivalent attention and love because the ‘Mustache Puppy’.

They all need a home and therefore the better part is, they are available with unlimited kisses, furry hugs and unconditional love.


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