Minnesota woman recognizes dog missing for three years on Florida brewery beer can

BRADENTON, Fla. — A Minnesota woman recognized her dog that's been missing for 3 years on a can from Motorworks Brewing in Manatee County.

Monica Mathis says she was scrolling through Facebook when she saw the viral story about adoptable dogs being placed on beer cans at a Florida brewery.

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"I saw one among the dogs on there and that i was like 'oh my gosh, that appears like my dog,'" said Mathis.

Mathis says the dog named Day Day, seemed like the dog she helped deliver as a puppy. A member of her family she says went missing from her Iowa range in 2017.

"I looked for her, I called shelters and couldn’t find her in the least and eventually I moved back to Minnesota," said Mathis.

"She looked within the article and saw our name and she or he called us directly ," said Hans Wohlgefahrt, with Manatee County Animal Services.

Wohlgefahrt said they checked and Day Day did have a microchip with Monica's given name , but her surname had changed and therefore the information thereon was outdated.

Mathis was ready to provide paperwork to convince Manatee County Animal Services that Day Day was actually her dog, Hazel.

"Once I got the confirmation I just couldn’t believe that this was actually my dog," said Mathis.

How Hazel got from Iowa to Florida is unknown.

"It’s just such a lucky and amazing story," said Wohlgefahrt.

Shelter Manatee says that even the likelihood of Day Day (Hazel) being one among the four chosen to seem on the can, was unlikely.

"For her to get on which will was amazing, and for it to travel viral and in fact for her family to ascertain it in Minnesota," said Pam Frensi with Shelter Manatee.

Hazel’s transportation to Minnesota is being purchased by Friends of Manatee County Animal Services. And because of a can , Hazel gets to travel home.

"We are just delighted that a Minnesota owner are going to be getting their dog back after three years due to what we did," said Denise Tschida, co-founder and president of Motorworks Brewing.

"The chance to be ready to have her click is amazing. I’m with great care happy that I’m getting her back," said Mathis.

Manatee County Animal Services is functioning to urge Hazel back to Minnesota sometime next week. 

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