“Miracle” dog is pulled from rubble after surviving alone after hurricane for weeks

Rescuers from the large Dog Ranch Rescue couldn’t believe their eyes once they saw their drone’s infrared camera illuminate with a heat signature. Volunteers were scanning the debris-filled Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco Island nearly a month after the devastating category 5 hurricane Dorian blasted it with sustained 185 mph winds and 25+ foot storm surges.

The record-breaking hurricane claimed the lives of a minimum of 70 people, with more still missing, and completely destroyed the homes of over 75% of the population.

Hurricane Dorian also left many dead and injured dogs in its wake.
In October, long after search and rescue efforts had given thanks to the heartbreaking look for dead bodies, BDRR volunteer Sean Irion was out scanning for warmth signatures for dogs of known owners. He didn’t think that he would find any alive, though.

“The thought that there have been more animals alive a month after the storm? No way. We didn't think it, we didn't believe it, there was no way, no how,” explains BDRR president and founder Lauree Simmons in an interview with The Dodo.

As fate would have it though, there was one dog out there with an unbreakable will to survive.
When Irion’s drone picked up a heat signature within the shape of a dog, he knew he had to stay searching until he found it. albeit that meant struggling through the ocean of debris left by the hurricane.

“I went out, on foot, walking around looking to ascertain if I could find these animals. and that i heard almost a whimper, whine. I wasn’t gonna hand over until I found a dog,” says Irion.
When Irion did finally find the dog, he was trapped beneath the hurricane’s rubble.
Pinned beneath an air conditioning that was piled with sheet from a wind-obliterated roof, was a puppy. The 1-year-old mixed breed pup looked more sort of a living skeleton than a dog. The volunteer held out a can of wet food for the dog to lap at. He hoped that by giving him food, he would gain the pup’s trust, and he did.

“It’s a miracle this tiny dog had the desire to measure and to survive within the conditions he was in,” Simmons said.

It took some work, but eventually the dog, who has aptly been named Miracle, was pulled from the wreckage and Irion called certain help.

“Seeing this poor little darling dog just trapped underneath there and brooding about how hard he fought to remain alive … We had Miracle in our arms within two hours of him being rescued,” Simmon recalls in an interview with TODAY.

A full veterinary exam at the rescue revealed that the emaciated dog had developed anemia, and his muscles had wasted from going goodbye without movement. The vet suspected that the poor dog had lost over half his weight while trapped within the debris.

Now that he’d been found, things were close to search for Miracle.
The rescue helped Miracle regain a powerful 16 pounds within the weeks following his rescue by feeding him small portions of food every two hours initially . BDRR also provided him with physiotherapy to assist him regain his muscle mass also .

The rescue features a 30-day policy allowing them to put a dog for adoption if an owner hasn’t progressed to say the dog therein time. Sadly, though that they had posted to social media and other outlets about Miracle, nobody came to say him.

Though no owner came forward, there was no shortage of individuals lining up to adopt him.
According to abcNews, over 10,000 people lined up to adopt him and in November last year, Miracle became a politician member of the Beaty family.

Boy, is it an enormous family, too!
With three new big sisters and a mom and pop , it'd just be safe to mention that Miracle hit the post-apocalyptic-hurricane jackpot. Now, Miracle and his family, along side the large Dog Ranch Rescue, are using his story to assist raise awareness and money to assist other dogs in situations like his.

“It’s hope for the folks that are through such a lot over there knowing that miracles do happen,” says Simmons.
To learn more about Miracle’s story, watch the video below and, if you’re feeling moved, consider making a donation to the Miracle Fund to assist other dogs like him get the care they have and find their forever families.

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