Officer [Saves Pit Bull ]Tied Up In Freezing Cold And Is Rewarded With A Kiss

While Officer J. Williams was conducting a property check of the Parsippany Animal Control and Shelter last week he found a medium-sized Pit Bull tied to the fence with a red leash. Someone had left the dog with a toy, bag of food and two pots

The Pit Bull was abandoned between 9:00 and 21:00. and 10:00 within the morning, but it had been already very cold outside. it had been 23 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 Celsius) with a wind chill that dropped it to about 7 degrees. it's no wonder that the bowl with water has been frozen!

Constable Williams took the unknown dog and took him to his cruiser to warm him up. Hell Bull immediately gave him a kiss of thanks! While Constable Williams was expecting the Parsippany Animal Control Officer to arrive, he couldn't help but take a selfie of the instant .

Once the animal control officer arrived, Hell Bull was delivered to the shelter. Fortunately, the dog seems to be unscathed. Parsippany Animal Control and Shelter is currently trying to find the owner of the dog

Let’s hope that if this gentle owner can't be found, the dog will find a home forever!

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