Owners Wanted Her To Be Crushed To Death, So They Threw Her In A Garbage Truck

A 6-month-old Pit Bull mix named Daisy was found by two waste management employees during a dumpster outside a Speedway store in Bradenton, Florida. Workers Danny Cormier and Ahriel Jones Sr. were emptying a dumpster into the truck once they noticed the helpless dog buried during a pile of furniture.

Daisy was thrown out together with her cage and a few furniture. She was visibly shaken and dehydration made her dizzy. The workers brought Daisy to safety and helped her stabilize before handing her over to Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

Watch this video below, where Danny and Ahriel express the raw horror they experienced once they found Daisy innocently staring back at them from the rubbish . they're glad they found her in time, as she could are crushed to death anytime by the rubbish truck. the remainder of this story and therefore the update video continues below this video.

The officers are currently trying to work out the culprits behind Daisy’s careless abandonment. they need pleaded the general public to drop by any tips at 941-747-3011about the author for Daisy’s plight.

Meanwhile, Daisy has been shifted to Manatee County Animal Services, and is up for adoption. She has significantly recovered from her traumatic abandonment and has become quite popular dog within the shelter together with her bright smiles and playful disposition. We hope she finds the proper home and her cruel owners are caught and punished soon.

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