Pilot flies terminal shelter dog 400 miles to spend her last days with a loving family

Unfortunately, not all pets in shelters have a cheerful ending. Ashlyn, an adorable senior dog who has been living at a shelter in North Carolina for a few of months, was recently diagnosed with cancer.
The poor four-footer only had a few of more days to measure , but a pilot made sure that her final days were crammed with love.

It all started when Ashlyn felt a touch down at some point , and it quickly became obvious that she suffered from an illness. Veterinarians diagnosed her with cancer, and there have been even numerous tumors underneath the skin.
At one point, poor Ashlyn didn’t even have the energy anymore to run or play.

However, the staff at the New England Humane Society wanted to form sure that Ashlyn’s final days would be worthwhile . Doctors gave her just a few of more weeks before she would pass on , so everyone decided to form to most of it.

The shelter staff found an ideal home for Ashlyn, but there was just one problem: her new family was located quite 400 miles away.
The shelter had no means of getting her there relatively quickly, because the pup also didn’t really have for much longer to measure either. However, there's one man who stepped in during a miraculous way.

Paul Steklkenski is that the owner of Flying Fur Animal Rescue and a trained pilot, and he promised to urge Ashlyn there quickly.

The plane trip itself was already a highlight for the adorable four-footer.
Paul shared a few of images of himself and his companion within the air and it’s just absolutely adorable and awesome to ascertain . you'll clearly tell that Ashlyn is enjoying herself within the air, albeit it did take a couple of minutes to urge wont to . Whenever the pup did feel a touch uncomfortable within the air, Paul treated her with dog biscuits.

“She started off a touch bit distant,” the pilot said to The Dodo. “Then she would kind open up a touch , and she or he got closer.”
“Then she gave me one paw then the opposite ,” he recalls.
“Then she laid her head on my lap. To me, that’s huge. That’s all that matters. That’s the reward in itself.”

The pilot even became emotional during the trip, seeing how this pup was such a lot happier than she’s been in recent weeks.
Paul always had a passion for flying and for pets also , so he figured a few of years ago that we might attempt to combine those two passions. He founded Flying Fur Rescue and has been taking animals from point A to point B ever since.
“I never would have imagined finding something so satisfying, so rewarding, that it might eclipse most all else of my time on this Earth,” the pilot concluded.
As soon as Ashlyn met her new family, you'll see that her smile started returning .
Ashlyn was picked up by Tracy Lancer, a loving and type woman who would confirm that the pup would receive many attention and tender loving care. Nonetheless, Tracy was absolutely shocked to ascertain the condition Ashlyn was in.

“When I picked her up from the airport, her condition destroyed me,” Tracy recalls. “She was right down to 39 pounds — her ideal weight is between 65 and 70. She came to me with a sweater on — once I took it off, I could see every rib.”
Tracy got Ashlyn’s weight back to normal, and she or he also made sure that Ashlyn received the simplest medical aid possible.

“She’s getting around more,” Tracy added. “She’s an excellent eater … and she’s very attached to me.”
Tracy’s other pup Angel also welcomed her with open arms.

“He’ll go up to Ashlyn and just start licking her,” the lady said about Angel. “He thinks he can heal everybody together with his tongue.”
Even though Ashlyn only had a few of weeks left to measure , she remains going strong immediately .
In fact, you’d say that she may be a completely different pup now! She’s been doing better physically and mentally also . Ashlyn is back to being a pup filled with energy again.

“She knows she’s loved,” Tracy said. “Whatever happens she knows she’s loved.”

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  1. Blessings to all the people that help this dog

  2. I hope and pray this dog gets to live longer. So happy she is with a loving Family who will take excellent care for her.

  3. Thank you 😊❤️😘

  4. Thank you very very much to everyone who participate to make DOGE HAPPY IN HIS LAST DAYS Regards from Australia

  5. Its a win-win. I hope this will encourage others to take in other terminal pets. This is proof that any one of us can make a HUGE difference during the last days of these pups... And we have to believe these are the memories they take across the bridge.

  6. I was trying to read this but gave up because some of it didn't make sense. Please proof read before posting or get someone to do that for you.

    1. Even some mistakes can never overcome love human or pet. You are a critical person. I pray you never need help but it is denied because YOU made a mistake

    2. I agree, it was all over the map.

    3. Made every bit of sense to me. Wake up my friend. Was not that hard to follow.

  7. thank you for helping this puppy.

  8. This is so beyond moving. I am in tears of gratitude for these sacred beings. Thank you to those who did this and to all reading for holding the space for this beautiful blessing of light. Thank you to the pilot, pup, and adoptee Mama for bringing sanity, love and Presence into this world. "we are the ones we have been waiting for." - Navajo prayer, as quoted by the dalai lama. You are both of the ones. Everyone has the potential. You are living it.

  9. the very most you can do in your life is to make someone elses life better …

  10. The story is nice but something bothers me about it. There is NO way that you could get a dog with weeks to live or days to live as the article says, to go from 39lb to 65lb - it states in the article that she got his weight back up to normal and that simply can’t be true.

    Even if a dog ate all day every day they aren’t doubling their weight in 2-4 weeks even if they were healthy

  11. Thank you guys so much for helping this precious baby !!!! ❤🐕❤

  12. Thank you guys so much for helping this precious baby !!!! ❤🐕❤