Pit Bull Sobs Like A Baby After Mom’s Death, Begs UPS Driver To Give Him A Home

Katie Newhouser has been a UPS driver for 15 years. She likes to greet the dogs on her route with treats and hugs. that's how she befriended a friendly Pit Bull named Leo and his mom, Tina Rummel, who lived in one among the neighborhoods of her delivery network.

Over a few years , Katie and Leo formed a solid bond with one another . One day, Katie was devastated to find out that Tina had gave up the ghost , leaving the grieving Leo on their lonesome . Tina’s son, Canon, was distant on active marine duty, so Katie was worried about Leo’s well-being.

Katie noticed that Leo hopped into her vehicle and refused to let her go. So, she decided to foster him till Canon came from his duty. At his new home, Leo’s easy-going nature made him bond well with the opposite dogs in Katie’s household. He soon became an inseparable a part of their lives.
Some days, Leo would terribly miss Tina and sob sort of a little baby before falling asleep. But his new siblings always cheered him up with their love. It wasn’t long before Katie realized that she would be unable to part ways with the sweet Leo.

Katie eventually adopted Leo and gave him the forever home that he deserved. As Leo finally felt safe and sheltered in his new home together with his doggo siblings, Katie noticed that his wide smile had returned. We are so happy that Leo found a cheerful ending together with his new family!

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