Police Deputy Helps Dog Hit By Car, Photo Goes Viral On Social Media

Police officers do such a lot for the overall public to stay them safe and out of harm’s way, which includes service to animals also 

encounter the scene of a dog hit by a car. The deputy did what any true compassionate person would do: he cared for the dog until help arrived. Fortunately, the touching moment was captured on telephone footage.
The Osceola, Flordia, County Sheriff’s Office deputy told WFTV News, “It was cold out. She was wet. She didn’t have anyone there so i made a decision to be that person.”

Deputy Fiorelli used his own coat to stay the dog warm.
The pooch is being cared for at the Osceola County Animal Shelter, and she or he are going to be needing surgery. Her one leg is dislocated but she still manages to wag her tail. If nobody comes forward to say the animal within three days, she is going to get surgery. within the meantime, the dog has no collar or microchip and is being given pain medications.

The deputy also shared with WFTV News, “They may only be a neighborhood of your life, but you’re their whole life.” Thanks for being there, Deputy Fiorelli!

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