Puppy she has been raising for a year turns out to be a white fox

When Ms. Wang first met this fluffy white puppy, she knew that the baby dog would be an ideal addition to her family. She put her heart to assist shape the small creature into a well-behaved adult dog, only to get that her lovable pet was actually a wild fox!

This presented Ms. Wang with a heartbreaking dilemma – abandoning the animal she loved such a lot within the past year? Or keep it knowing that he could never live a cheerful and fulfilled life in nature?

“The fur became thicker when she was three months old,” Wang said of the dog-like development of the creature. “His face has become sharp and his tail has become longer than that of a traditional dog. Other companion dogs appeared to be scared of my pet, so I walked him on a leash. “
This story originally appeared at American Web Media.

This collective fear of his gentle pet – and his growing disdain for petfood – have led this confused pet owner to hunt professional advice. to try to to this, the couple went on a visit to the zoo, where zookeepers informed them that they were actually raising a young fox.

Naturally, the unintentional fox owner was surprised, although confusing foxes with dogs in Asia – where the previous are commonly sold as pets – isn't as strange because it sounds. Foxes are often mentioned as purebred Japanese Spitz to unintentional dog owners, who are then scammed for giant sums of cash .

“(Japanese Spitzes) will enjoy curling abreast of your lap for a warm nap,” consistent with DogZone of this active and brave little breed, who also makes “good” guard dogs.

After thinking for an extended time about what would be best for the animal, Ms. Wang decided to go away her wild animal at the zoo.

As any pet owner could understand, it had been a heartbreaking decision, but Ms. Wang decided that it had been better for the “dog” she raised as a pet to seek out a secure and secure home. fit forever.

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