Rescue dog with a wonky face is searching for a forever home for Xmas

we hope you wish this text . Bethany, an eight-month-old Labrador hybrid, despite her disfigurement, is totally happy and content–now she just wants her circle of relatives .
While it's going to be shocking to seem at her lop-sided nose, it doesn't affect the health of the’
happy-go-lucky’ pooch in any way.
Bethany, who was vet-checked and approved, can eat, drink, run and play a bit like the other pup.

Now her rescuers at the Safe Rescue For Dogs charity, which is found in Norwich, Norfolk, where Bethany is being fostered, urgently want to seek out a permanent home for this special girl.

Volunteer fosterer Zoe Casey, 46, hopes that anyone who adopts Bethany are going to be ready to look past the deformity of the dog and see its’ stupendous’ personality instead.

Zoe said: “With Bethany, there’s absolutely nothing wrong–when she’s asleep she doesn’t even snore.

“We’re sure we’re doing the proper thing, people have asked? What can we know?’. we all know because she was examined and tested again at DEFRA at Calais and Dover.
She would are detained if she were sick because that's their work. She’s totally fine. She’s the foremost beautiful dog. She’s sweet and cheerful.

We walked her out and she’s still pretty good off the lead. When she is named , she runs
around and comes back.

She loves children, she’s good with other dogs, she’s as close as you’ll ever get to ideal temperament.

“She is extremely much [like] a Labrador in her temperament. She’s happy-go-lucky and absolutely lovely.

“There is an attitude of individuals trying to find the picture-perfect dog but i feel people need
to look a touch deeper.

We hope Bethany will find a traditional family which will accept her sort of a normal dog because she is human albeit she doesn’t check out it.

“We just need a nice, run-of-the-mill family who will take care of her and not see what she seems like but what she is, a tremendous dog.

“What she seems like is irrelevant because her heart is pure gold.”

Bethany’s mother was a street dog in Romania when she fell pregnant, but she was taken
in by a family and helped to require care of her five-pup litter until they were saved.

The vet in Romania claims that the puppies are a part of Pekingese and therefore the gene mix may have led to the wonky appearance of Bethany.

Safe Rescue For Dogs, founded by Zoe’s 43-year-old sister Kelly Hare, flies to Romania a minimum of once a year to assist fight the stray dog problem within the country and absorb pooches.

One of the siblings of Bethany has already been rehomed, and therefore the charity remains expecting the last two pups to arrive within the country.

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