Senior Dog Without A Nose Finds Perfect Family

Mirabel was spotted wandering the streets of Kentucky by an honest Samaritan. As they got closer, they noticed something very different within the Canis Minor – the senior Jack Russell Terrier had no nose. They immediately called animal control reporting a dog with a terrible facial injury.

When the animal control officers took a better check out Mirabel, she wasn't only missing her nose, but also her upper lip, but it had been undue to an accident – she was born that way.

After a checkup by veterinary staff, they came to the conclusion that she presumably had a congenital anomaly almost like a birth defect . They also determined that the 9-year-old dog was probably a part of a puppy mill or backyard operation.

Years and years of breeding, Mirabel found herself with painful breast tumours, hernia and dental problems – all of which added to the problem of getting her upper teeth constantly exposed.

Upon leaving the medical clinic, the sweet dog was transferred to the Woodstock Animal Foundation. Despite her health problems, Mirabel was in good spirits.
WAF posted Mirabel’s story on Facebook, and shortly that they had accumulated donations of about $ 6,000 – much more than the goal needed to pay all of her medical bills. the additional donations visited cover the bills of other dogs needing surgery or medical treatment. Her story even caught the eye of local media.

One evening, watching the news, Kelli Shook, of Toledo, Ohio, saw Mirabel’s precious face and was immediately drawn to the special girl.

“I don’t know what it had been . it had been just something in my heart that knew it looked perfect,” Kelli told Dodo. “She was very friendly, going bent everyone, not scared of other animals, not scared of people. She’s great with kids – she absolutely loves kids. ”

Kelli, a life coach and counselor who works primarily with children, knew that Mirabel had such a lot like to give to the planet . They were quick to figure side by side.
“We are starting a program for children here in our area where we will teach empathy to children using animals that aren't considered traditionally cuddly or lovable,” said Kelli. “[Like] animals like Mirabel, who have some kind of congenital anomaly or who are abused.”

Kelli says Mirabel’s unique look is shocking to kids initially , including two of hers, but it doesn’t take kids long to recover and realize she’s just a traditional dog .

Little Jack Russell Terrier may have some health issues, but they don’t seem to be dragging him down. Kelli thinks his nose is fully functional; she smells alright and, like most dogs, she is extremely motivated by food.
“The only problem is that she seems to possess a chilly all the time; it always seems like she features a runny nose, ”she added.

In addition to her nose, Mirabel features a cardiac murmur – and although her time on this planet is unknown, she is a component of a family that worships her.
“We aren't sure how long she is going to stay, but we'll make the foremost of the last half of her life and ask her to assist other children within the meantime,” said Kelli. “Just because an animal has had a nasty half of its life, that doesn’t mean it won’t make a fantastic pet or therapeutic animal.”

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