The dog sits at shelter for 2,531 days waiting for someone to adopt him

With pets at your side, your life simply improves and you are doing everything for them as they were your children. an individual who owns a pet can't imagine spending an evening during a shelter.
But everyone doesn't think like that! There are many cases where dogs are betrayed, left alone starving or expecting their owners to return home!

The most surprising story may be a dog expecting his family for two ,531 days!

It may sound incredible but it’s a real story. this is often a mixture of Terrier named Dahlia who has lived all his life at the Humane Society in Santa Barbara .

She’s been there since she was six months old, but sometimes luck isn't on your side. Although the shelter did its best to seek out a home for Dahlia, she was left just by watching other pets find a replacement home while she was still waiting at the shelter.

As time passed and Dahlia couldn't find a home, one among the volunteers at the shelter decided to try to to something else.

He posted a video of Dahlia describing her as a really sweet, loving and constant bitch. He added that she was trying to find a replacement home and anyone who adopted it might be quite proud of her love and care

After a short time , it appeared like Daliah was lucky because a person from Orange County had watched the video and immediately visited the shelter to satisfy the great dog. This good man decided to adopt Daliah and now she is happy and features a loving home.

Sometimes things just take time to happen, but surely they're going to happen.

The dog sits at a shelter for two ,531 days expecting someone to adopt him

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  1. Happy to hear that this poor soul finally found a forever home where Dahlia can spend her remaining years loved and cared