These Two Stray Puppies Were Just Rescued, And They Refuse To Stop Hugging Each Other

The internet is crazy with these two cute puppies, who have just been rescued and just can’t help but hugging one another

Apparently, the dogs were adopted by Vietnamese, who found them wandering within the streets of Ho Chi Minh, and now reside within the shrine with Buddhists. the web however, remains concerned about the cruelty of the previous owners, who left them to starve to death. Even so, one thing is needless to say now, they're definitely happy to still have each another in their forever home.

1. These two stray dogs had one another once they were in trouble, wandering within the streets of Ho Chi Minh.

2. they're safe now, but they still won’t abandoning one another .

3. Those nights within the cold streets are over.

4. they need a home now, and that they made it through together.

It’s because they now have somebody else to hug and protect them.

Who knows what the sweet pups had to travel through in life, but they’re living completely different lives now because of their rescuers!

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  1. Poor baby! At last someone helped him! Thank you!