They Were Going To Kill This Deaf Dog…Until A Boy Pulled Off A MIRACLE!

Zero, an 8-year-old German shepherd who was abused by his owner, was rescued by personnel at the Oxford Animal Shelter and put up for adoption.

The dog was deaf, numerous people overlooked the dog, who just wanted a family to like him.
He faced certain death until a young boy being treated for cancer went trying to find a pet. When Marik Tucker, 10, spotted Zero, it had been an ideal match! They bonded from the beginning . The family believes that Zero the dog has helped the young boy get over the extreme chemotherapy because he would specialise in his pet and not the maximum amount on his illness. Zero isn't only a pal, but he’s an excellent motivator.

This family couldn’t have asked for a far better dog. He’s proving to be a miracle, staying by Marik’s side as he coming to the top of his current treatment and recovers. Dogs truly are man’s best friend!

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