This Blind Golden Retriever And His Guide Dog Best Friend Are Warming People’s Hearts

Hardships not only test you, but they also reveal who your actual friends are. So when Jake, a 2-year-old retriever , lost his vision, it had been for his roommate Addie to intensify and help him get familiar with his new life. and she or he did. During the last few years, Addie has proved herself time and time again to be both a loyal guide and companion, absolutely deserve being called the great est of the good girls.

“We got Jake after our previous Golden Molly gave up the ghost and Addie came into our lives after our Golden Wrigley died. Jake was very sad after his buddy was gone and that we knew he needed a sibling,” their owner Kim told Bored Panda.

“Jake follows Addie’s sound and smell. After Jake’s surgery, Addie wore a touch bell on her collar for a short time until he got wont to tracking her on his own”
Jake’s problems began when he turned 2. “We noticed a problem together with his eyes and eventually found that he was not producing tears”

“Over the next months, in spite of trying every medication recommended by our vet’s eye specialist also as multiple surgeries, his eyes steadily deteriorated”
“We were faced with a painful decision: Have Jake’s eyes removed or have him put to sleep”
“Both options seemed so cruel, and particularly for a dog who’d already been through so much”
“However, over subsequent several days, we were contacted by variety of householders of blind dogs”
“[They] encouraged us about the resiliency of their dogs after losing their sight happening to measure normal, happy lives”

“Our vet also counseled us that, to a dog, sight is really number 3 on their list of senses, as both smell and hearing are more important to them”
“With that information in mind, we decided to maneuver forward with having Jake’s eyes removed”

“Immediately after awakening from surgery, our vet said that Jake began wagging his tail”

“His months of pain were over, and he was letting us know!”

“While he had an adjustment period as he acclimated to his new life, he continually surprised us with the convenience with which he appeared to approach his circumstances”

“He still bumps into things now then , but he also navigates the house and our neighborhood walks with surprising ease. And thankfully, his playful nature has returned!”

“We’re so happy we made the selection we did, then grateful for the various people that encouraged us to try to to so. Jake reminds us a day that his life still holds great purpose and value in spite of all his challenges,” Kim said. “[He] features a laid back surfer dude type personality. He sleeps on his back together with his feet up within the air. Addie, on the opposite hand, is more of a cuddler. She loves being everywhere we are and is usually able to share kisses.”

When they’re not sightseeing or happening adventures, Jake and Addie live a traditional pup life. Their typical day usually starts with a morning walk and breakfast. “We always have a touch nap after breakfast. Next is playtime! We love this point of year where we will play outside together and chase squirrels!”

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