This Man Is A Veterinarian Who Walks Around California And Treats Homeless People’s Animals For Free

Life in modern society poses a really real challenge for a few folks . It’s no secret that poverty has pushed a staggering amount of individuals onto the streets within the past decade. The scope of this problem is reflected well in numbers—over half 1,000,000 people were officially counted as homeless within the US. The state of California has been hit the toughest . Its unsheltered population totaled up to 151,278 people last year.

Luckily, there are still some good Samaritans who bring back a glimmer of hope when it involves the invisible lives of these suffering outside the door. Stewart Kwane, a street veterinarian, has been on a mission to assist the pets of homeless Californians since 2011.

After the good Recession hit the US in 2007, Stewart decided it had been time to assist those in need. “There was something about it that I loved,” said the 49-year-old man, who pays for the essential food and medicine costs out of his pocket. Scroll down for the complete story about the inspirational vet below.

Dr. Stewart Kwane is on a mission to assist the homeless and their pets left on the outskirts of society
Stewart always carries a medical bag with him so he can stop to assist whenever he spots someone in need

Here, the road Vet is pictured helping a person with carcinoma and his dog named Crazy Girl
Dr. Kwane now runs a GoFundMe page that aims to boost donations to hide all the pricey surgeries his four-legged patients need. “The cost of minor treatments like ear infections, flea treatment, or vaccines are often around $100, whereas more serious cases sort of a tumor removal or dental with extractions are often $1,500.” Saving a touch buddy can really add up to quite big sum of cash .

This is exactly a case for a dog named Dinker and his owner Walter “who have a connection like no other.” Unfortunately, “Dinker features a very rare condition that needs a surgery from a specialist.”

The doctor is currently performing on trying to form that happen, but he's aware that it’s a particularly expensive procedure.

“I’ve experienced the foremost genuine stories of affection , compassion, struggle, and hope,” said the person about his job

But Kwane is filled with hope. during a recent update on his GoFundMe page, he expressed his gratitude: “I am blown away by your generosity!” As a result, he has now set a better goal and dreams of bringing more vets into the streets to assist him spread goodwill to more suffering pets out there.

The veterinarian treats animal allergies, skin and ear infections, flea infestations, bad teeth, and even arthritis

“Giving a touch can make all the difference,” writes the doctor on his GoFundMe page

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