Tiger Cub Rejected By Mother Finds A Best Friend In A Puppy !

Diversity is what makes our world interesting, and it's Nature’s greatest strength. Nature can often amaze us with its variety, and therefore the numerous cases of interspecies friendships brighten up our outlook on the planet .

Such alliances increase an understanding of the way different species communicate, what motivates certain animals to attach across species lines, and therefore the extent to which some animals can adopt the behaviors of other species.

We are familiar with seeing two animals from an equivalent species spending their time together, showing affection and care. Yet, the story of a Bengal tiger cub named Hunter and German Pointer puppy Chelsea is one among the foremost adorable bonds you've got ever seen!

Despite their differences, they get along well and have become best friends. They currently stay in Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria South Africa and are taken cared for by 22-year old Anthea Michaletos.

Chelsea is simply three weeks older than his friend.

Hunter was born at the Farm Inn Wildlife, but he had to be separated from his mother, as she started showing aggressive behavior towards him soon after his birth.

Anthea explains:

“We believe that Hunter was born at a time when the feminine must have felt compromised in how as she rejected him.”

Hunter was sold to the Sanctuary by local breeders and joint owners of the Matotoland Kennel, Francois vd Walt, and Jacob Cilliers. Fransoa said that this companionship is unusual, but it made sense that a German Pointer would be ready to bond with a tiger in such a manner:

“German Pointer’s are extremely energetic and extremely smart . The constant need for stimulation and activity combines well with the natural behavior of a tiger, and during this case, it seems to be an ideal combination.”

The two animals became inseparable as soon as they were introduced. Anthea says:

“In the mornings once I take Chelsea out, she is going to run to his cage and greet him. there's tons of wrestling involved, Chelsea pushes him over then he jumps on her.

For him to possess a four-legged friend is extremely helpful because he can play within the same way that he would with another litter mate. He was the sole cub in his litter and it’s vital for him to possess a companion.”
Chelsea becomes sad whenever the 2 separate to enter their cages.
Since they're both very young, they will fiddle and wrestle with one another . Yet, when the tiger reaches the age of 6 months, he would need to be removed from Chelsea to guard her.

Anthea notices him always going for Chelsie’s throat during playing.
Anthea believes Chelsea doesn't experience discomfort, as he doesn't cry when Hunter tends to be a touch too rowdy. Yet, Anthea believes that six months would be enough for them to enjoy their friendship, and afterward, they're going to start to play too hard.

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