Video: Cyclops Puppy With Rare Condition Who Stole Owners Hearts Probably Won’t Live Too Long

A one-eyed cyclops puppy, praised by Thai villagers as fortunate, probably won’t live too long, a vet said.
The cute little pup, who was named Kevin due to his resemblance to the character of Minions, was born on Groundhog Day during a litter of two in Chachoengsao, central Thailand.

The unusual doggo was said to be fit and healthy two days after his birth and was said to be feeding bottles together with his owners daily.
Kevin is hailed as lucky by his Thai owners but a vet warned that thanks to his unusual condition he might not have a very long anticipation .

James Portsmouth, lead vet at Animal Trust, told UNILAD:

Cyclopia may be a very rare congenital problem where two separate orbital spaces (the cavities during which eyeballs sit) aren't developed by the foetus. It’s a sort of what’s termed holoprosencephaly medically. Animals that are born with cyclopia also often have irregular lips, noses, and nasal spaces.

Unfortunately, surviving for long after birth is rare for these species, because the brain is usually also affected.

Kevin’s human, Somjai Phummaman, said he was preparing to offer birth to 2 puppies on his bedroom floor, when he noticed his Aspin dog.

The government worker placed the pups warmly during a snug box before looking closer and realizing the odd mutation that Kevin had produced.

He said:

We wish the puppy will survive, albeit it's a deformity. we would like him to stay a pet until he grows up.

He has surprised everyone and said it’s a lucky sign. People said he seems like the one-eyed yellow cartoon character, so then , we will nickname him.

After others living within the village of Somjai heard of Kevin’s birth, they started flocking to his home to ascertain the dog, who was hailed as fortunate.
Somjai’s daughter said the family was over the moon to possess a puppy with physical abnormality.

She said:

So far we’ve taken care of the puppy well. He can't be properly breastfed so we've to feed him with the milk bottle.

It is unclear at now whether the only eye of Kevin can function properly since it can take up to 2 months for a dog’s eyesight to develop fully anyway.

Here’s to hope the gorgeous little doggy defies the chances and lives an extended , happy life.

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