Video of NASA Astronaut And Her Dog Reuniting After 328 Days in Space Has Us Teary

NASA astronaut Christina Koch recently returned to Earth after 328 days in space, breaking the record for the longest single spaceflight by a lady .

 She completed six spacewalks while on the International space platform , including the primary all-female spacewalk with astronaut Jessica Meir.
When she finally made it home, her beloved pup, LBD (Little Brown Dog), couldn't contain her excitement.

Koch shared a video on Twitter of the instant she walked through her front entrance and LBD pounced to shower her with kisses.

"Not sure who was more excited," she captioned the video. "Glad she remembers me after a year!"
"We call her LBD, little brown dog, she's from the Humane Society and she or he couldn't be sweeter," Koch told Insider on a call with reporters from the Johnson Space Centre.

"And yes, she was very excited, i used to be very excited, I'm unsure who was more excited! … you recognize it's just a logo of returning to the people and places that you simply love, to ascertain your favourite animal."

This article was originally published by Business Insider.

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